Institute for Medical Research

Institute for Medical Research

Belgrade, Serbia
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Institute for Medical Research

Institute for Medical Research is an organisation which conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of biomedicine. Our goal is application and dissemination of knowledge through publication, education and international co-operation.
Institute for medical research

Institute for Medical Research (IMR) is Serbian governmental research institute in the field of biomedicine and member of the University of Belgrade. Institute for Medical Research was founded sixty three years ago by the Serbian Academy of Science with the mission to contribute to the health of community through the progress in science, particularly in the area of medical research. From the beginning the main orientation of IMR was directed towards basic and applied investigations in several different fields and permanent education of young scientists. The overall bibliography of IMR amounts to over 2 500 original papers, published mainly in international scientific journals.

Today, Institute for Medical Research comprises more than 50 full-time researchers of different educational background in medical and life sciences, organized in eight research teams according to their main research interests. The major activities of the Institute are focused on research related to cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying both physiological and pathological states and processes. Being contemporary, systematic and multidisciplinary, the current research programme aims to increase and disseminate knowledge in the field of biomedicine, to improve the understanding of various diseases and to contribute to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutical approaches.


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